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I make a donation to repatriate
deported Ukrainian children

Our focus is to facilitate the return of children to Ukraine, to their families or to Ukrainian institutions in charge of children.


We are raising funds to contribute to the repatriation of these children andt to them psychological, family and social rehabilitation  in collaboration with accredited Ukrainian NGOs.

How many children are we talking about? (at the end of May 2023)

What are the difficulties encountered ?

- A Russian desire to "steal" Ukrainian children and to Russify them. The children must give up their language, their culture and any connection with Ukraine.

- Decrees signed by Vladimir Putin which make it possible to quickly give Ukrainian children Russian passports as well as a new civil status, and which notably facilitate the adoption of children, in complete violation of international law.

- A strict refusal of the Russian authorities to give any list of names and places where Ukrainian children reside

- A strict refusal by the Russian authorities to let UNICEF or the International Red Cross intervene

Which actions to finance?

It takes more than a month for "hardened" organizations to prepare the slightest rescue operation, from the discovery of the deportation to the departure of a family member (often the mother or grandmother) to Russia for go pick up the child.

The main stages in the return of deported Ukrainian children are as follows:

  • Identify the abducted children and their whereabouts;

  • Organise the return of children to Ukraine;

  • Document cases and file them in local and international courts by lawyers;

  • Help children and their families regain their psychological and physical health.

I would like to make a donation, how do I do this?

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Are you a company or a foundation?

For Ukraine, for their freedom and ours is the only association in France that works to repatriate Ukrainian children deported to Russia and Belarus. 

We are establishing partnerships with NGOs that are doing everything possible for the return of children. We follow their progress and their difficulties. 

Companies and foundations that pledge to make a humanitarian contribution have an important role to play in accelerating this return.


For Ukrainian children, time is running out.





We can work with you to ensure that your partnership withFor Ukraine meets the needs of your organization, while making a huge difference to our work.

If you represent a company or foundation and are interested in support or partnership, we would be happy to discuss this with you. Please contact by email
our team regarding the Fundraising Repatriation.


Receipt of creation of association

Statutes of the association

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