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Videos with Anne Sinclair, Boris Cyrulnik and Charlotte Gainsbourg on Ukrainian children deported to Russia.

Charlotte GAINSBOURG, Boris CYRULNIK and Anne SINCLAIR on all television channels from April 22, 2023, to demonstrate against the mass deportation of Ukrainian children taken from their families and sent to Russia to be "Russified".


More than 20,000 "identified" children have been deported to date, but they are now believed to number in the two or three hundred thousand.

Our association, with the help of Master Emmanuel Daoud, filed with the International Criminal Court a damning dossier of evidence of the deportations. Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova Belova, his "Commissioner for the Rights of the Child", are the subject of an arrest warrant from the ICC.

We work with Ukrainian NGOs for the return of children to their country.

There will be no peace without justice. #BringBackUkrainianKids #icc #genocide #justice #ukraine #europe

We wholeheartedly thankFabienne Servan-Schreiber AndBeatrice Soule for the production and broadcasting of these clips on French television channels, as well asAnne Gorouben for his wonderful illustrations.

We express our gratitude to Boris Cyrulnik, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Anne Sinclair for their committed support. Every awareness can help bring a child back.

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